Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Whew! Today. . . busy. At least everything so far is going well. David and Usok, if I didn't get a chance earlier to say it: I love you! Bit by bit my website is becoming more functioinal, which is to say much easier on me. The blog is a dream--so much so that I fell alseep with my cheek on the keyboard. Ha, ha. But actually true.

So, today, got the entire beginning of Strange Fate redone. I like it much better, for the age group that it's targeted. Now the big challenge is to do the scenes of Sarah and the Wild Powers in the past and not let Brionwy's story take up the entire book. It's going to be tough on myself. If I can keep Brionwy's story to 100 out of the remaining seven hundred then I can keep her. If I can't tell the rest of her story in just ove 30 pages... it would make a great free giveaway, though, as long as it didn't come bound in the book. I can hear spines cracking all over...the world, really. Then there's the quadruple ending--I have to leave room for that. But there's nothing like doing what you enjoy most and getting paid for it. I didn't know working could be this fulfilling.