Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did I Just Learn How to Paste?

You know, one of the things that has always bothered me about blogger is that I couldn't (apparently) just paste things in. Today after being assured by a computer guru that there must be a way, I tried pasting on the "edit html" side and what do you know--it pasted. So the below is simply a Q and A from an Italian group. I wonder if it will work?

I also wonder where my grand prize winner from the Shadow Souls contest is. I've been contacted by most of the book winners by not by the winner of the Twin Fox ring.

Anyway, here's what I pasted.

You are a very productive author, you write a lot, but the success of your books is always the same. In your opinion, which is the secret to capture the audience of horror-fantasy readers?

You are very kind to put it this way. To answer your question as best I can, I know stories of forbidden love, or of love triangles, are popular. I start off by thinking of a heroine—either a strong-minded girl like Elena, or maybe a shy girl who will become strong throughout the book, like Cassie from Secret Circle or Sarah in Strange Fate. Once I have a heroine in mind, I think of a hero, or a hero and anti hero (as in Vampire Diaries) or two heroes (as in Strange Fate.) I try to think of why the heroine and hero’s love should be forbidden. Are they from different clans? Is it as simple as that she is a human girl and he a vampire? I brainstorm until I have the characters in mind. Then I figure out a beginning, and an ending . . . and I sort of let the characters run free in my brain to see what they will do.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Shadow Souls Twin Fox Ring Contest and Lots More

The Shadow Souls' Twin Fox ring contest is over. The winners have been notified, although a few of the book winners and the Grand Prize Winner (the one who gets the actual ring and lovely jewelry box to put it in have not yet returned my emails.

It was an exciting contest, although it almost overwhelmed my Outlook Express program. I got thousands upon thousands of entries from all over the world. That's going to mean some expensive shipping for me to get the books to some of the winners, but I don't care. I'm just happy to have so many people participate. And--as a few people sent in hundreds of emails from a single account, I have learned to put in the rules that I must forbid more than one entry from any one account.

Oh, welll. It's over . . . unless in three weeks the ringbearer--I mean winner--doesn't email me within three weeks of her first notification. In that case, one of the book winners will be upgraded to the Grand Prize Winner, and someone from the pool of entries will get a book.

Also, I have been finished with Midnight, the final book in the last Vampire Diaires trilogy about a month ago and am waiting (you can imagine how eagerly or maybe--if you're not an author--you can't) for the edits. I've also signed on for a new trilogy and finished the first book in it, Phantom. So there is more Vampire Diaries in store for readers of those books. And yes, Strange Fate will also come out as soon as I can finish it. The problem was that the Strange Fate contract got delayed and . . . well, just trust me, it's coming, even if I type my fingers off.

I had a lovely live chat with French fans, and I'm trying to think whether it would work with American fans. I'll put one together if I can and notify everyone as to the day and time. There's nothing better that I like than talking to readers.

Last but not least, the Forbidden Game Contest is still running until August 1. So if you didn't win a gold ring last time here you have another chance. And I've already bought a fantastic brand new Tiffany and Co. (the real Tiffaney's) gold locket and chain. Now I just have to make up a scene in which Stefan gives Elena the locket (crucial for the new trilogy coming up after Midnight) and we'll see if we really can cause my computer to implode.

Thank you again, to all readers, all who've emailed me, and all who entered the contests. Love ya all.


L. J. Smith