Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trying to catch up...

Whew, it's been a long time. But I'm hoping that by now this blog is connected to myspace and shows up there. That way at least there's a chance of someone seeing it.

So much has been going on--but I know the one thing on my reader's minds, and that's the TV pilot. (For anyone who doesn't know, the CW picked up the pilot, so that's one more thing to thank my angel-mother for). I couldn't bring myself to go to the showing in L.A., but my staunch agent, Elizabeth, went to the showing in New York. She said she really loved it, and that she especially liked the bits with Stefan and Damon. I'm glad of that, because that's the chemistry that needs to work to make it a real love triangle. She also said that she felt the chemistry between Stefan and Elena, which is, of course, just as important. Now I only have to fret about the chemistry between Damon and Elena . . . (I will worry about anything not explicitly gone over--it's my nature). Elizabeth also said that besides Elena's hair being changed the girl herself is rather vulnerable and accessible--two words I would never use to describe the Elena of Vampire Diaries 1. But I look at it this way: in The Awakening Elena is a bitch halfway through the book. She's meant to be, and the book is largely about how she changes as a result of meeting Stefan. But how do you get that--and all the other action--into a two hour pilot? And not end up having the audience hate Elena for being stuck up? So perhaps we will see a Cassie-like Elena (ha ha--or Sarah, from Strange Fate-like . . . Sarah and Cassie share many characteristics.)

So, since I would trust Elizabeth with my life, and she's not one to mince words, I officially am putting my stamp of approval on the pilot. Fortunately nobody any longer is sending me sad stories about how this or that is wrong with it, and I hope we've got beyond that. My main interest in the show--if it flies--is that there will be more publicity for my books. I may even break the habit of a decade and watch it--at least I'll record it. What higher praise can I offer? You know when I'll be really happy? When I can tell fans something they don't already know about the show. May that day come eventually! So mote it be.

Next issue: people keep asking me about when Strange Fate will come out, and I'm so sorry to have the same answer for them: I don't know. It will be in 2010--I hope around winter. And the same answer for when Shadow Souls will come out. I just don't know. As soon as I do know, I will proclaim the answer from the housetops (e.g. put it in my blog or bulletin).

I hope I will have some time to do the fanart/fanfic contest, and to update my website and to do endless other things...maybe answer some more email (I did that today!) but please, please everyone remember that I am in the middle of writing Shadow Souls, which is not going to be as scary as Nightfall, I promise. This is one deadline I must make, and it's not so far away. So please understand if I don't answer your email in a timely fashion. I'm tap dancing on quicksand here.

Ooooh...I do know one thing you don't and that is that the cover for Strange Fate is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could share it right now with everyone, but trust me, when you see it you'll see what I mean.

And, hey, Dark Visions is coming out any month now! I'll make sure to blog when it hits the bookstores.

I know, this is a pretty boring blog--all about work. When I get some time to play, I'll write about ii. Word of honor!

Nest issue: people are still