Sunday, April 5, 2009

My First Real Home Blog

It's such a relief to get off of Amazon (if you really don't know why, go there and see my last blog). I always wanted a blog on my own site and now I have this beautiful, handy-dandy, easy to use babblespace on my own site.

What do I have to babble about?

Oh, too much really: I have publicity events and projects upcoming that will keep me in business for years. The question is, when do I write the books? ^^ But that's all right. It's much better to be too busy than to have nothing to do. First let me get the business out of the way.

Night World 3 is out now and debuted on the New York Times Bestsellers List. I'm really so flattered and honored that my books have been on the list for so long, and for so much of the time that I've been writing. And I've also been honored with wonderful editors, creative and thoughtful publicity people, and, of course, the best and brightest of fans. I thank you all.

Oh, and I'm on myspace now, so you can come and say hi to me there. I'm better at talking to my friends, because then I know you and often find quite fascinating things about people. KarLa helped me greatly with a couple of Wiccan rituals and wouldn't even take credit for it! I'm writing a Secret Circle story, but I don't think it will go up here. I'll explain why...

Several people have asked why the Vampire Diaries stories had been taken down. The reason is that my publisher is interested in putting them all together as stories from the Vampire Diaries. This is obviously great for me, as a lot of the work has been done already (even on stories as yet to be posted) and ultimately it's good for my readers as well. They can have a book instead of having to go online, and, as a bonus, a Secret Circle story that's far from trivial. In fact, it just might change the ending of Secret Circle--as far as the couples go. So for all you Nick fans out there, there's at least a 50-50 chance. . .

What else? Nightfall will be on Kindle soon--it may already be. I have a Kindle, but I haven't had time to use it, since all I do is write, take long walks to think of what to write next, and write again.

And (oh, dear, this is more business) one of Simon & Schuster's wonderful publicity people and I have been brainstorming a contest for Strange Fate. I think--I hope--that it would be held sooner rather than later. All fan-fiction writers, either sharpen your pencils or dust off your best stories, because it will be a fan-fiction contest, although we haven't decided on the method of judging yet. We do have the top prizes though, and first prize is a gorgeous and quite expensive ring (boys will get their choice of a substitute or $$, I think) that is right out of the book and the second prizes will be lovely unisex necklaces that could have been made expressly to symbolize Circle Daybreak. I'm thinking that we might have a similar contest for artists, with similarly wonderful prizes. Now, none of this has been finalized yet, but even if my publishers end up changing their mind, I will have a contest--because I already have the prizes.

Well, I'm babbled out and I never got past the business. I never even got to mention that my two publishers are supposed to be doing a cooperative Facebook page for me. But at least I've baptized my new blog, and when I get my breath back I'll do a more chatty post. At least the new blog is now christened.