Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New Name for the next Vampire Diaries Trilogy is . . .

. . . The Hunters. I suppose this is because the core group will be going to college together, where they will meet new characters and find mysteries to solve, both occult and otherwise.

I don’t actually remember anyone suggesting this, but I get a lot of email, and my assistant is on vacation. So if you wrote in and recommended “Hunter, ” “Hunters,” “The Hunters” or something like that, let me know and I’ll check for your email and then send you an autographed book—of your choice.

I have to say thank you to everyone who participated in this—some of the titles were fabulous and I may—if it’s allowed—use them for individual books in the future. I really appreciate all the suggestions, which ran the gamut from gritty and down-to-earth to high fantasy. I’m so proud that my readers have such great imaginations.

What will the three individual books be called? Unless something changes, they will be Phantom, which will should be out in the summer of 2011, Moonsong, and Eternity. I'll post dates for the last two books when I hear them from my publisher.

In the meantime, paperbacks called Stefan's Diaries will be coming out. These will be about the TV show, back in the time of the Civil War. None of the Stefan's Diaries books will be written by me, but they may help . . . er, sate your thirst for new Vampire Diaries material.

I’m really, really excited about my new website, created by Usok Choe of Usok Choe Designs. Usok is such a nice guy, especially since he’s an absolute genius. He really thinks and researches before he begins work and what he’s done for the site is nothing less than miraculous. It’s what I always envisioned, but that a huge company like Lightmaker couldn’t produce. Since I am about twenty years behind on the technology front (I still remember cute ftp and making sites with Adobe Pagemill) then this is just another blessing I don’t deserve.

Speaking of technology, I got a Droid 2 phone and I am doing my best to figure out how to use it. First I had to get my nails cut so that the darn thing would recognize my touch, and then I tried to figure out the apps already on it before getting more. I swear that the phone has taken a dislike to me and refuses to show me my email, while it rolls over like a puppy and will do anything for my more tech-savvy friends.

One thing in particular I wanted to do was pick up the CW’s offer of free passages from The Vampire Diaries books, and read them on my phone. I saw in an ad that you can even buy the entire books to read on a phone. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me, but I guess the young and keen of sight are a different breed.

Oh, and sincere thanks to Victoria M. of New Jersey who discovered a lovely new item for a wonderful new contest. Thank you, Vicki! I always appreciate new contest ideas, or new prizes that have meaning to my readers.