Monday, September 13, 2010

New! Bonnie's Opal Ring Contest

If you've read Vampire Diaries: Volume 6: Shadow Souls, then you know that Bonnie is sent home with an opal ring set with diamonds, as well as many other pieces of opal jewelry, and I can tell you in advance that this opal ring gains great significance in Vampire Diaries: Volume 7: Midnight.

So I can't think of a better prize right now than "Bonnie's Opal Ring"--which has been slightly sized down from its book description (which would hardly be suitable, except as a cocktail ring!).

Now you can win this version of Bonnie’s opal ring (see above). It’s made of 14 karat gold and 14 karat white gold, with one central opal and diamonds sprinkled around it. This is a gorgeous ring that sells for over $700—so pretty that I got one for myself! And if you didn’t win an autographed Shadow Souls book during the last contes--well, here’s your chance, because I’m offering ten (10) this time around as second prizes.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’m going to have to confine this contest to readers in the United States, just because I had so much difficulty mailing prizes to other countries. Sorry about that—maybe I’ll be able to find a solution in the next contest.

To enter, simply send an email to info@ljanesmith.net with the words BONNIE’S OPAL RING in the Subject Field. Inside, if you like, you can let me know in your email who you think Bonnie should end up with in the Vampire Diaries. Will it be Matt? Damon? Some boy yet to be introduced? I’d love to hear your opinions.

This contest will begin September 15, 2010, and end on Halloween, after which the winners will be announced. I'm hoping that I can put up the quotes from winners of this and previoius contests on my new website.

Also—I shouldn’t have to say this, but—only one entry from any email address, and only one prize to a home address.

Good luck!