Saturday, October 3, 2009

All hail Sabrina Weiss! MTV Crush I love you!

Somewhere over the rainbow . . .

lies this article that should be linked to the title. In it, the nicest, sweetest bluebird--I mean reporter, has written such a lovely insightful article about my books that I can't stand for anyone to miss it. I mean, she got the kick-ass female protagonists, she got the developing world in Night World, she got everything right. It's really the best and cleverest thing that's been written about my books, so please take a look . . . the link is also on the front page of this site. I am deeply indebted to her and I'll try to write even better books than in the past, for your sake out there, for mine, and in hopes that someday Sabrina may call me again. With all the hype that the show is getting, here is one person who was also interested in the author! of the original books.

By the way, I got another email from someone who thought that my books came on "the heels of Twilight." One more person I need to educate. Ay, me.